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Morphology and neurochemistry of descending and ascending myenteric plexus neurons of sheep ileum 1-gen-2007 Mazzuoli, G.; Mazzoni, M.; Albanese, V.; Clavenzani, P.; Lalatta-Costerbosa, G.; Lucchi, M. L.; Furness, J. B.; Chiocchetti, R.
A case of a colocolic intussusception in a horse 1-gen-2011 Albanese, V.; Credille, B.; Ellis, A.; Baldwin, L.; Mueller, P. O. E.; Woolums, A.
Evaluation of intra-abdominal pressure in horses that crib 1-gen-2013 Albanese, V.; Munsterman, A. S.; Degraves, F. J.; Hanson, R. R.
Direct Measurement of Intra-abdominal Pressures in a Horse by using a Solid Microsensor 1-gen-2013 Barrett, E. J.; Munsterman, A. S.; Albanese, V.; Hanson, R. R.
Left dorsal displacement of the large colon in the horse 1-gen-2014 Albanese, V.; Caldwell, F. J.
Surgical Technique and Short-Term Outcome for Experimental Laparoscopic Closure of the Epiploic Foramen in 6 Horses 1-gen-2014 Munsterman, A. S.; Hanson, R. R.; Cattley, R. C.; Barrett, E. J.; Albanese, V.
Radical Eye Exenteration and Second Intention Healing in Horses: A Case Series 1-gen-2014 Albanese, V.; Hanson, R. R.; Mcmaster, M.; Underwood, K.; Caldwell, F.
Carpal hyperextension in a Percheron mare caused by a palmar carpal ligament tear 1-gen-2014 Barba, M.; Mcmaster, M.; Albanese, V.; Cole, R.; Caldwell, F.; Schumacher, J.
Proximal digital annular ligament desmotomy in horses: A cadaveric study 1-gen-2014 Albanese, V.; Wilhite, D.; Caldwell, F.
Small Intestine Colic 1-gen-2015 Hanson, R. R.; Albanese, V.
Malignant melanoma of the third eyelid in a horse 1-gen-2015 Albanese, V.; Newton, J. C.; Waguespack, R. W.
Case Report: Recurrence of a Gastrosplenic Ligament Entrapment 1-gen-2016 Coleridge, M.; Mcmaster, M.; Albanese, V.; Munsterman, A.
Pathology in Practice. Poorly productive, osteoblastic osteosarcoma of the left paranasal sinuses in a 1-year-old colt 1-gen-2016 Cesar, Fernanda B; Joiner, Kelly S; Albanese, Valeria; Groover, Erin S; Waguespack, Richard W
Traumatic coccygeal luxation and distal amputation of the tail of an Appaloosa mare 1-gen-2016 Mcmaster, M.; Munsterman, A.; Albanese, V.
Use of a Barbed Knotless Suture for Laparoscopic Ablation of the Nephrosplenic Space in 8 Horses 1-gen-2016 Albanese, V.; Hanson, R. R.; Mcmaster, M. A.; Koehler, J. W.; Caldwell, F. J.
Relationship between echotextural and histomorphometric characteristics of stallion testes 1-gen-2017 Pozor, M.; Morrissey, H.; Albanese, V.; Khouzam, N.; Deriberprey, A.; Macpherson, M. L.; Kelleman, A. A.
A standing pararectal approach to treat small colon obstruction by a pedunculated lipoma 1-gen-2019 Durket, E.; Albanese, V.; Steward, S. K.; Freeman, D. E.
Use of fibrin sealant in a horse with an intratracheal dorsal laceration 1-gen-2020 Coco, L.; Dahmen, K.; Bach, N.; Fischer, H.; Albanese, V.; Dylewski, L.; Munoz, E.
Prevalence of Gastric Ulceration in Horses with Enterolithiasis Compared with Horses with Simple Large Intestinal Obstruction. 1-gen-2022 Albanese, Valeria; Munsterman, Amelia; Klohnen, Andreas
Leadership Theories and the Veterinary Health Care System 1-gen-2022 Fischer, H.; Heidler, P.; Coco, L.; Albanese, V.
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